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Products: Yamaha Outboard Motors - Four Stoke, Very High Power Engines -

Yamaha F300A, 300hp, four stroke - outboard engine - RRP from £21,779

Mastering the art of technology.
The Yamaha F300A outboard engine is deliberately designed to with stand the harsh demands it'll face.
V8 configuration and 300 prop shaft horse power the Yamaha F300A outboard delivers a level of performance never before achieved in the production of outboards.

Yamaha F300A four stroke outboard engine features:

  • Primestart - chokeless system - easy as starting your car
  • V8 power with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) for clean performance
  • Digital "drive-by-wire" and electronic controls
  • Variable trolling RPM and engine synchronisation
  • CDI/TCI ignition system

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Click on this link to view all Yamaha Outboards pricing information (pdf format.)

The Yamaha F300A outboard motor is a double overhead-cam 60-degree V8, displacing 5330cc, or 325 cubic inches. Reported dry weight is 373kg, or about 86kg more than the 3.4-liter V6 Yamaha F250. The F300 motor features variable valve timing, ionic combustion sensors, a new anti-corrosion system, massive forged motor mounts and transom bracket, heavy-duty gears and drive shaft made of hardened steel, a special series of propellers, and a new air-intake labyrinth designed to keep water intrusion to a minimum. It is also the first Yamaha outboard to feature a digital drive-by-wire throttle and shift control. Yamaha says the motor's astounding weight is a result of its desire to make the F300 extremely durable, and reliable enough to take far off-shore. Yamaha has simply made every component stout enough to handle the motor's rated thrust as it presses against the transom of a pretty big boat.

Outboard Engine Specifications F250 F300 F350
R.R.P from from £20,899 from £21,779 from £29,069
Engine type 4-Stroke 4-Stroke 4-Stroke
Number of Cylinders / Configuration 60 degree - V6 60 degree - V6 60 degree - V6
Bore x Stroke (mm) 94 x 80.5 94 x 96 94 x 96
Displacement (cm3) 3352 5330 5330
Full throttle range (rpm) 5000-6000 5000-6000 5000-6000
Prop shaft output at mid range (kW/rpm) 183.9/5500 257.4/5500 257.4/5500
Weight with propeller (kg)
Weight without propeller (kg)*
F250AETX: 278.0
FL250AETX: 278.0
F250AETU: 284.0
FL250AETU: 284.0
F350AETX: 365.0
FL350AETX: 365.0
F350AETU: 373.0
FL350AETU: 373.0
F350AETX: 365.0
FL350AETX: 365.0
F350AETU: 373.0
FL350AETU: 373.0
Recommended boat transom height (mm) X: 635
U: 762
X: 635
U: 762
X: 635
U: 762
Carburettors - - -
Electronic fuel injection EFI EFI EFI
Fuel tank capacity Option Option Option
Oil pan capacity (litres) 5.26 8 8
Lubrication Wet-sump Wet-sump Wet-sump
Ignition / Advance system TCI/Computer TCI/Computer TCI/Computer
Lighting coil / alternator 12V - 46A 12V - 50A 12V - 50A
Gear ratio 15:30 15:26 15:26
Starter system Electric Electric Electric
Steering Remote control (option) Remote control Remote control
Throttle and shift controls Remote control (option) Remote control Remote control
Trim & tilt method
(Trim angle)
Power Trim and Tilt Power Trim and Tilt Power Trim and Tilt
Number of Propeller options
Size range (ins)
11 - 28
17 - 25
17 - 25
* The kW data is based on the ICOMIA 28 standard, measured at the prop shaft

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